All of our packaging is fully compostable and when possible, made entirely from waste material by us.

Creating durable lifestyle products from Rubbish!

Zero waste

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste is all about eliminating the waste that is created by the manufacture of a product and also waste that is caused by the use of a product.

It can often mean going so far as to consider the full life cycle of a product. This means considering what waste is created by the manufacture and transport of components that are used in its creation to how a product is used and treated by the consumers once its expected life cycle has finished. this is often called 'cradle to grave'.

The reason why we care about this so much is that we have realized that we need to be good kaitiaki of the resources that we have been given. As consumers we have the power to cause great harm to our planet, or to have a positive effect our environment. 

What it means at Refreshed

We want to more than just conscious consumers, but to be conscious creators also.

Not only are we doing all that we can to eliminate our waste stream but we are proactively taking others waste streams that are difficult to recycle and using it as the main components of our creations.