All of our packaging is fully compostable and when possible, made entirely from waste material by us.

Creating durable lifestyle products from Rubbish!

Guiding practices

These practices are everything* to us here at Refreshed

These practices are essentially why we are doing this, its why we get up in the morning, why we have spent the last few years  making Refreshed a reality. 

We could talk about this for hours, and have done. To save you from that, we have created some short blurbs here to convey the essence of what is important to us.

Zero waste

We want to more than just conscious consumers, but to be conscious creators also.
Not only are we doing all that we can to eliminate our waste stream but we are proactively taking others waste streams that are difficult to recycle and using it as the main components of our creations.

Living wage

We pay all of our employees a minimum of the living wage. Pretty simple really.

Compostable packaging

Not only are our creations crafted from re-purposed materials, so is our packaging! We make all our packaging ourselves, in-house. This allows us to make sure that it is entirely compostable and worm-farm-able. It is all well and good making our products from upcycled materials but meaningless if it meant just making more plastic waste further down the line. 
We are committed to developing a zero waste cradle to grave life cycle for our creations. We have made a good start with this and will continue to improve and adjust our methods as we go.

Designers pay

What does this mean at Refreshed

We run workshops to teach people how to design creations that are meaningful for them and also provide an opportunity to add to their income. We do this for two reasons. The first is to develop resilience, self efficacy and provide creative validation for our participants. The second reason is that we are incredibly proud of what is created here and we want to share it with the world! People deserve to have good things that are truly meaningful.

Each design that is sent out has the name of the designer attached to it and with some of their story if they are comfortable with that.

It is important to us that the people that attend our workshops get the credit and validation for their Mahi. For this reason at least 50 percent of the profit from each sale goes to the person who designed it. We intend on paying as much of the profit to the designers as we possibly can while still maintaining financial stability. We want to be as transparent about our processes as we can as we do this. 

Coffee is also important to us here at Refreshed, just not in the same way...

Still have questions? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.